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 Post subject: Independent 8 October Sneak Peek list
PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 3:58 am 
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I list below my latest Sneak Peek list for October.

Singin’ in the Rain Pt.2 400’ Colour Sound B+ £17 OB Pretty good colour on this 2nd reel from the 2x400’ M.G.M. release, it starts with “Good Morning”
Easter Parade 400’ Colour Sound B+ £14 OB Colour on the warm side on this fun M.G.M. musical starring Judy Garland & Fred Astaire
High Society Pt.2 400’ Colour Sound B+ £10 OB P/N: Has Fade Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly & Louis Armstrong M.G.M. classic
Royal Visit Newsreel 300’ Colour Sound B+ £20 Newsreel footage from 1965 as the Queen visits The Isle of Wight with Earl Mountbatten as new governor
The World in Flames – Battle of Stalingrad 400’ B/W Sound B+/B £22 OB Original footage from WW2 of this bloody battle in Russia
The World in Flames – Fall of Germany 400’ B/W Sound B+ £22 OB Original WW2 footage showing the last days of the war as Germany falls
The Hunchback of Notre Dame 400’ B/W Sound B+ £22 Nice print of this 1939 drama starring Charles Laughton & Maureen O’Hara
The Ten Commandments 400’ Colour Sound B+ £25 OB Nice Marketing print of this biblical epic starring Charlton Heston
North West Frontier 400’ Colour Sound B+ £20 Kenneth More & Lauren Bacall star in this adventure set in India during the ‘Raj’
Anchors Aweigh 400’ Colour Sound B+ £20 OB Good print of this M.G.M. musical classic starring Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra
Airport 400’ Colour Sound B £10 OB The colour is pretty good but this print does have a scratch on the right side of the screen
The Dam Busters 4x400’ B/W Sound B+ £70 Nice Walton print of this famous WW2 movie starring Richard Todd & Michael Redgrave and ‘bouncing bombs’
The Sound of Music 400’ Colour Sound B+ £17 OB A rare find, a 400’print with pretty good colour of this famous Hollywood musical
Carousel 400’ Colour Sound B+ £17 OB Good print of this Hollywood musical starring Shirley Jones & Gordon MacRae
Battlestar Galactica 2x400’ Colour Sound B+ £38 OB Pretty good print of this 1970’s sci-fi adventure starring Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict & Lorne Greene
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century 2x400’ Colour Sound B+/B £36 Pretty good print of this 1970’s sci-fi starring Gil Gerard & Erin Gray
The Gondoliers 3x400’ Colour Sound B+/B £35 DCR release of this Gilbert & Sullivan Operetta (condensed version), colour is only fair (every print I’ve seen has been the same), and it may have a few splices here and there, but it’s rare
The Wicked Lady 600’ B/W Sound B+ £34 OB Margaret Lockwood dons men’s clothes to pose as a ‘Highwayman’ robbing rich travellers
The Blitz on Britain – The Battle of Britain 400’ B/W Sound B+ £22 There’s no titles as Walton sold each reel separately as well as a combined feature, here we have actual WW2 footage showing what Britain and its people went through
The Wrecker 1x600’ & 1x400’ B/W Silent B+ £65 British made thriller from 1929, it’s about a man who wrecks trains, and a man who tries to unmask him. This is famous for using 26 cameras at once showing the wrecking of trains, this falls into 2 camps, those who love old thrillers, and those who love old trains
The Empire Strikes Back 600’ Colour Sound B/B+ £55
Both Ken Films parts together on 1 reel of this classic second outing in the “Star Wars” saga
Pink Valiant 200’ Colour Sound B+ £20 Pink Panther cartoon from 1968
British Movietone News – Return to the Channel Islands 200’ Colour Sound £20 Made in 1975, this looks at the 30th anniversary of the liberation of the Channel Islands during WW2, the Queen Mother attends an exhibition
Jack Frost 200’ Colour Sound B/B+ £25 OB Blackhawk Films print of this 1934 cartoon directed by Ub Iwerks, good colour too, very rare cartoon
Look at Life – Draw the Fires 200’ B/W Sound B/B+ £14 This ‘LaL’ looks into Railway matters of the day (1963)
Mini 1980’s Ad Reel 50’ Colour Sound B+/B £13 Adverts to: ‘Gaymer’s Light Cider’ – ‘Lee Cooper jeans’ – ‘Gordon’s Gin’
Curtain Raiser 200’ Colour Sound B+ £15 P/N: Has lab streaks Derann release of items you can cut into your shows like coming attractions, and logos from National Amusements, Dolby Stereo logo + many more inc. Ice Cream ads
Woody’s Clip Joint 200’ Colour Sound B+/B £12 P/N: Has some fade Woody Woodpecker cartoon from 1964, Woody goes for a haircut, the fun then begins
Spalding Spring Time 200’ Colour Silent B+ £13 Nice print that shows the fields of flowers around Spalding in Lincolnshire, made in 1975, colourful
Singin’ in the Rain Trl. 100’ Colour Sound B+ £17 Derann trailer to famous M.G.M. musical starring Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds & Donald O’Connor
Beatles in Concert 200’ B/W Sound B+/B £35 Ultra rare pop reel from 6th May 1964, they sing ‘Long Tall Sally’ then onto a medley of their hits ‘Love Me Do’ – ‘Please Please Me’ – ‘From Me To You’ & ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’
Pops of Yesterday 200’ B/W Sound B+/B £25 rare reel from the early 1960’s and features P.J. Proby singing ‘I Believe’, Cilla Black ‘You’re My World’, Long John Baldry ‘Night Train’ & Millie ‘My Boy Lollipop’, great tunes!
Anchors Aweigh Trl. 50’ Colour Sound B+ £15 Cracking M.G.M. musical trailer from Derann starring Frank Sinatra & Gene Kelly
The Jazz Singer Trailer/Promo 200’ B/W Sound B+ £25 OB Made in 1927 this shows scenes from the movie as well as the phenomenal crowds that greeted this the first ‘talkie’ starring Al Jolson, nice quality considering the age
Popeye and the Phantom 200’ Colour Sound B+ £15 OB Made in 1960 Popeye is haunted & taunted by a mischievous Ghost after his Spinach
Popeye and the Magic Hat 200’ Colour Sound B+/B £15 OB Made in 1960 Brutus is a magician and he coaxes Popeye & Olive into doing tricks on stage
Five Faces of Sellers 200’ B/W Sound B+ £20 OB Extremely rare Walton release, it’s an extract from “The naked Truth” and shows Sellers full range of characters he could morph into in one film, here we see him as a TV compare, a Policeman, a workman and a country Squire, it shows of his many talents!
Felix Prepares a Picnic 200’ B/W Silent B+ £20 OB ‘Felix the Cat’ early toon
Felix Hits the Deck 200’ B/W Silent B+ £20 OB Made in 1927, another fine ‘Felix the Cat’ silent cartoon
Felix in Outer Space 200’ B/W Silent B+ £20 OB ‘Felix the Cat’ animated fun
Batman – Bird out of Hand 200’ B/W Sound B+ £15 OB Animated Batman TV cartoon from 1968, Batman is sued for false arrest by The Penguin!
Dr. No Trl. 100’ Colour Sound B+ £15 Pretty good colour on this trailer for the 1st ever James Bond ‘007’ outing starring Sean Connery & Ursula Andress
From Russia With Love Trl. 50’ Colour Sound B+/B £15 Pretty good colour on this action packed ‘007’ spy action thriller starring Sean Connery
The Jet Cage 200’ Colour Sound B+ £15 Sylvester & Tweety cartoon from Warner Bros. (1962), Granny orders a Jet Cage so Tweety can go outside more
A Squeak in the Deep 200’ Colour Sound B+/B £14 Daffy Duck enters a Boat race but is constantly frustrated by Speedy Gonzalez (1966 W.B’s)
Modern Times 400’ B/W Silent B+ £20 Made in 1936, this sees Charlie Chaplin’s ‘Tramp’ struggling to live in modern society
Do Detectives Think? 400’ B/W Sound B+ £30 Rare 1927 Laurel & hardy comedy with an added music & effects track. An escape convict is out to kill a Judge that sentenced him, and he hires Detectives Laurel & Hardy to protect him, order one coffin, now!
The Quiet Man 5x400’ B/W Sound B+ £75 OB Nice Powell Films print of this classic directed by John Ford and starring John Wayne & Maureen O’Hara as ex boxer Wayne returns to his roots in Ireland, and falls for the charms of Maureen O’Hara, but he has to get past her brother played by Victor McLaglen, thus starts a tale of deceit, trickery, and a grand punch-up at the end

All Films Listed Are Super 8

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